internet surf

thats what im gonna title this, cause i don't know how else to.

Welcome to my collection of shit i enjoy, or like, or have a weird obscure love for.

None of this is sponsored btw LOL, i just put these links cause i actually enjoy the content.
I also wanted a page like this for my own sake, to keep track of everything. The 'back' button is at the bottom, if you accidentally clicked here.


this creepy vocaloid song i found from an animation by kay2036

this song is from the same movie that the Globgogabgalab is from, but it's actually good

Sexy parodius song that's really good.. You might be able to find Parodius on here, alongside other old gems.

The earliest electropunk i can find. This song fucking bangs, and there's not even guitars! (YOU BETTER SHUT UP AND LISTEN!).
If you want more, here's more!

This song from mario that i've listened thru the entire 30 minutes of, three times.
It's good for multitasking, background music :-)

This badass boss theme from Mushihimesama that literally has the most impossible bullet-hell level.

Headbanging hatsune miku will save you.

Tomogotoji by Kurahashi Yoeko

Schnuffel bunny song???

This song that my friend told me 'sounded like a minecraft youtuber intro', well, i still like it a lot. I found this on soundcloud by chance.

I've held onto this link since I was 12, no kidding. I love this song that much.

Favorite song from Rhythm Heaven


sandy taboo's work

AOI web graphics

Blog run by a gyaru!

Moo the dog's fanpage

Every single genre of music. ever.

Fuck it. get a new name for urself!

Kirby artwork on Pixiv (Featuring my favorite kirby character, Magalor!)

DSi Flipnote player. I used this site, along with my old SD card from 2011, to rediscover some childhood gems of flipnotes.

This is where I got the cursor for this page from.