Welcome to my website. Updated whenever I get the inspiration. Feel free to check out whatever you want. Site created in 2021.

Suzie's webpage

My name is Suzie and this is my little creation! I am very weak at HTML + CSS and hope to learn more.

Please refer to me with they/she pronouns.

I particularly like Metal+punk music, cats, and sea creatures, so you will likely hear about that a lot on here.

+ Surf my internet!

Journal Entries

September 9th, 2021. at 11 PM

Yes, you are seeing all of my neocities page correctly -- I have updated a SHIT TON of this stuff! I went thru all the pages and revamped what I could, all within the last 24 hours I've gone absolute crazy fixing the pages and making new aditions. I'm on fire!

My friend already linked this webpage on Twitter, so that attracted some visitors, but i'm barely even done lul. Just gotta keep working. I would like to preface that i do all of my html editing in default NOTEPAD, so i'm thinking i should install ++notepad or something, at last.

goodbye for now...

September 8th, 2021.

I've been using Neocities since 2019 but I keep abandoning my old sites. I hope to keep this one up and running, however.

It takes a lot of work out of me since I barely know the basics of HTML, i just observe other websites and view what works for them.

I am taking a python class this year in school, I know that is totally different from markup, but maybe it will widen my horizon of coding and make my brain bigger.. lol...

Eitherway, my school has been rough. I can barely do math. Can't garuntee whenever my next journal entry of this site is, but hopefully whenever I find spare time.

I've been eating candy corn, and it's making me quite sick. I love candy, but too much makes me nauseous.

Anyway, goodbye

(The) Directory

This will be short for now, and most of the links are broken.

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