beginning sea slug great white shark vampire squid
this will be updated as new chapters approach!

welcome to the museum.

This is my little aquarium to talk about fish stuff. I like sea creatures a lot.
I don't know where it started, i just like to awknoledge the beauty of these fish cause they are truly awesome specimens!!!!

I'm keeping this page short for now but i'll update it with more information as I go and research!

Beta fish


Beta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish. They are a freshwater fish native to Southeast asia. They are carnivorous. I have never personally owned a beta fish, but they are quite beautiful to watch. here are some other images of them.

Sea slugs/Nudibranches

The term applied to these little guys is known as "nudibranches". I can go on and on about nudibranches. They are super duper tiny, and I've been actively watching a page from japan about them. Feel free to check it out! Most of it is broken now, but before when i used the site, it had a bunch of seaslugs and their respective family groups.

The image below belongs to this website.

There are over 3,000 different species of these guys (The gastropoda family)! and who knows... maybe more? I like the ocean because it's endless.

I personally find lots of inspiration in them. I sometimes make characters based off of them.

The great white shark

Otherwise known as Carcharodon carcharias.

These things freak me out. They're giant sea creatures with creepy eyes. But I'm also fascinated by them, because they are scary. I mean i would freak out if this thing was near me. Sometimes it's better to admire things from a distance.

Vampire squid

(Vampyroteuthis infernalis)

I just discovered these while researching for other sea creatures, and i love him!!!

Isnt he cool as shit?????? But He's found in only deep-sea conditions.

Because of being a deep-sea squid, he does lack inksacs, so instead he curls inside out revealing a bunch of spikes to defend against enemies. (shown in picture 2)